Women's Choice

Confidential, Safe and Affordable Non-Surgical abortions

Early Abortion:

If you are only a few days or a few weeks late in getting your menstrual period, and you think you are pregnant, an early abortion may be an option for you. A pregnancy from contraception to the 10th week of pregnancy is considered by this facility as an early pregnancy. Under ten weeks, the pregnancy consists of a thickened tissue lining of the uterus ( similar to the tissue that develops before menstruation) and a fluid-filled gestational sac about the size of a grape. Thus, early abortion methods are said to "bring down your period" - giving you two options, Aspiration and Abortion by pills. These are the most safe, gentle, and natural methods of terminating an early pregnancy. They are simple to complete and can be offered in our private medical office. They are just as effective and have fewer complications than surgical abortions (D&C) and (D&E) or even a full time delivery.

Aspiration Procedure:

In this procedure a doctor uses a quiet, handheld instrument to remove the pregnancy tissue. The Aspiration Procedure is similar to having a Pap Test and is completed on a regular medical examination table. It only takes 3-5 minutes. You can resume your normal activities immediately. The Aspiration Procedure used to be called "menstrual extraction" because it works similar to bringing down the menstrual lining of the uterus.There are many advantages to the Aspiration Procedure. It is safer than a surgical abortion as there is no scraping, no electric suction, and no sedation. The World Health Organization endorses the non-surgical methods and has stated in its Technical Guidelines on Safe Abortion: Aspiration and medical abortion are preferred methods for abortion in the first trimester. Both of these methods are safe, effective, and suitable for the primary level of care and should be available at levels of care with greater capacity and in many private clinical settings... (Ipas.org/topics/abortions_technologies.aspx)